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Lubo Introduces Line of Economical Sorting Systems for C&D Industry
Lubo Introduces Line of Economical Sorting Systems for C&D Industry
The AWS has proven itself as a highly effective method of removing the fines that make sorting difficult, if not impossible. Lubo has now brought AWS technology to the C&D market as well. …read >> (pdf) (html)

Installing a Bollegraaf HBC 100F Baler Ends Chronic Shutdowns
Installing a Bollegraaf HBC 100F Baler Ends Chronic Shutdowns
After suffering shut downs for many years due to an old two-ram baler Alan Josephsen Co. Inc. upgraded to a Bollegraaf single ram baler. The results amazed them. …read >> (pdf) (html)

Sims MRF Brooklyn NY - VAN DYK
Sims Municipal Recycling Celebrates Opening of Bollegraaf Commingled Container Stream in NYC
The MRF can process 1,000 tons per day of bottles and cans and features 16 TOMRA AUTOSORT 4 optical sorters, which will identify and sort 12 different marketable products for the city. …read >> (pdf) (html)

Canada Fibers MRF – Largest in North America – Uses Bollegraaf Equipment from VAN DYK
Canada Fibers MRF–Largest in North America–Uses Bollegraaf Equipment from VAN DYK
Canada Fibers’ single stream MRF, the largest in North America, is projected to process 350,000 tonnes per year with an industry-leading recovery rate of 95 percent. …read >> (pdf) (html)

SIMS Leverages VAN DYK Technology to Produce Clean Recyclables
SIMS Leverages VAN DYK Technology to Produce Clean Recyclables
Sims Municipal Recycling knew that VAN DYK has “tremendous experience as a systems integrator.” It built its highly sophisticated MRF in Brooklyn, NY, with VAN DYK’s designs and equipment from Bollegraaf and TOMRA. …read >> (pdf) (html)

City Carting, Stamford, CT - VAN DYK single stream system
Bollegraaf Single Stream System Started Up at City Carting, Stamford, CT
The 25-30 tph single stream system at the Stamford, CT-based facility includes a Bollegraaf HBC 120S baler and advanced systems from Lubo and TOMRA. …read >> (pdf) (html)

Bollegraaf HBC 120S baler
Five Bollegraaf HBC 120S Balers Sold by VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Four different customers purchased five of the Bollegraaf balers for their plants. In some cases, the companies upgraded from their previous Bollegraaf balers. …read >> (pdf) (html)

Lubo Screens VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Murphy Road Recycling Seeks “Green Fence” Standard with VAN DYK Equipment
VAN DYK’s custom solution improves the facility’s efficiency and quality of end product and allows it to make quick adjustments based on market dynamics. …read >> (pdf) (html)

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions corporate headquarters
October 2013 Newsletter
An update on our new products, services and installations, including the TOMRA AUTOSORT 4, Robotics by Bollegraaf, Waste-to-Fuel systems, Multi-MRF™ systems, 50 tph Single Stream installations, and more. …read >> (pdf) (html)

Used Bollegraaf HBC-140 VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Millennium Recycling Sees Big Change with Big Baler from Bollegraaf
Millennium Recycling increased production with a refurbished Bollegraaf HBC-140 baler, one of the rare large used Bollegraaf balers to come on the market. With throughput speeds of 45–78 tph, the baler handles OCC and fiber from a residential single stream system. …read >> (pdf) (html)

City Carting Single Stream VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
City Carting Buys Bollegraaf Single Stream System
For its brand new facility, Stamford, Conn.-based City Carting bought a Bollegraaf single stream system from VAN DYK Recycling Solutions. The state-of-the-art system runs at 25 tph and includes Lubo’s renowned screening technology, …read >> (pdf) (html)

Westshore Recycling, MI, 10-foot separation screen VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Westshore Recycling Purchases 10′ Wide Separation Screen from VAN DYK and Lubo
With VAN DYK’s help, the recycling company built a progressive system inexpensively, increasing its volume and substantially improving finished product quality. …read >> (pdf) (html)

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions opens Monterrey, Mexico office
VAN DYK Recycling Solutions Opens Office in Monterrey, Mexico
The new office, headed by 20-year industry veteran, will enable Mexican companies in the waste industry to improve their productivity, increase their recovery rates and revenues, …read >> (pdf) (html)

TOMRA autosort 4 VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
TOMRA Launches AUTOSORT 4, Part of New Generation of Advanced Sorters
The TOMRA AUTOSORT 4’s faster valves and FLYING BEAM® illumination sort waste-conversion feedstock with superior accuracy and less maintenance …read >> (pdf) (html)

Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreens VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Lubo Introduces Anti Wrapping StarScreen®
The latest invention from Lubo can process at throughputs of up to 50 tph and divert 95% of <2″ organic fines. …read >> (pdf) (html)

Canada Fibers MRF VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Bollegraaf System Installed in Canada Fibers’ New MRF–Largest in North America
With Bollegraaf equipment supplied by VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, Canada Fibers has built North America’s largest and most technologically advanced single stream MRF in Toronto. The new facility has the highest recovery rate …read >> (pdf) (html)

RoBB automated QC sorter VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Bollegraaf Introduces RoBB–the World’s First Automated QC Sorter
This fully automated robot is able to pick multiple kinds of plastics, such as PET, PE, and PS, as well as paper and OCC. It delivers high levels of purity and separation …read >> (pdf) (html)

Grand Central Recycling and Transfer - VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Innovative Multi-Material MRF opened at Grand Central Recycling and Transfer
Grand Central Recycling and Transfer placed into service a new Bollegraaf MRF that uses a single processing line to sort a variety of material streams. …read >> (pdf) (html)

SIMS metal recovery VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Sims Chooses Bollegraaf for New NYC MRF
Sims Metal Management Municipal Recycling has selected VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, the exclusive distributor of Bollegraaf, Lubo and TOMRA recycling equipment, to supply the new processing equipment for …read >> (pdf) (html)

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Center VAN DYK Recycling Solutions
Rhode Island Dual Stream MRF Converted to Single Stream
In what has been called a seamless transition, the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp. (RIRRC) recently started up operations on its new single stream material recovery facility (MRF) in Johnston, R.I. …read >> (pdf) (html)