Glass Cleanup

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We have multiple glass cleanup models to suit your unique system. Proven results reaching less than 5% non-glass residue (fiber, plastics, corks, caps, organics and metals).

We will help you determine the right glass solution for you—customized for any size system, from a 10-15 ton/hr sorting system up to a 50+ tph MegaMRF. Clean and process single stream glass at a rate of 2 tph up to 15 tph for a single unit. Any system can separate mixed broken glass into four fractions.

OVERSIZED (anything that fell through the glass breaker screen that is larger than 2 inches in size): organics, food waste, silverware, steel can lids, flattened aluminum or plastics. This material can be examined for further sorting/recovery.

FINES (anything smaller than 3/8 inch in size): glass fines that may qualify for road base or pipe bedding use.

LIGHTS: a high percentage of shredded paper that (with glass fines removed) could be blended in with other fibers (such as OCC) and made into sellable mixed paper.

HEAVIES (The Glass): clean, sellable glass material that meets the industry’s specification of extremely low percentage of non-glass residue and extremely low percentage of undersized material.




  • Under 10% non-glass residue (NGR) contamination.
  • Removes up to 99% of the undersized fraction (fines smaller than 3/8 inch)
  • Sizes the glass fraction to recover any sellable recyclables in the 2+ inch size (like aluminum cans and plastics containers) and sends it back into the main line for recovery
  • Produces a clean fiber product that can be blended in with your mixed paper product for a positive value