Smimo 120 Depackager – Organic Food Waste Processing

Riley Casey, Southwest Sales Manager for Van Dyk Recycling Solutions, explains the unique features and benefits of the Smimo 120 depackaging machine at Waste Expo 2023. The Smimo 120 separates a wide variety of food from its packaging, resulting in…

Van Dyk Baler Rebuild Center

See our team of in-house technicians rebuild a used baler from start to finish. Our rebuilt balers are thoroughly inspected for parts needing repair or replacement. Finished balers look and perform like new.  

Our Parts & Service Guarantee

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions has always been dedicated to customer service. Now, more than ever, we are working as hard as we can and thinking ahead to make sure we can provide the same great support to our customers as…

Cardboard and Paper Upgrades – Purifying Fiber Lines

Retrofits that make a difference. Great Northern Fibers increased throughput while purifying their fiber products, enabling them to capitalize on rising OCC prices. Click here to discover more about VDRS's systems for processing cardboard, paper and other types of commercial…

Shredding PVC Waste – HAAS Tyron Shredders

The HAAS Tyron shredder quickly shreds and chips waste PVC material. The shredders' design enables them to shred even the most difficult C&D and MSW materials. Learn more about HAAS at  

Shredding Mattresses with HAAS Shredders

See the HAAS Tyron shred mattresses and separate metal from fiber. The shredder's unique motions keep the shafts clean at the end. Learn more about HAAS at  

HAAS Tyron Shredding Commercial and Industrial Waste

HAAS stationary or mobile shredders can shred, break or chip even the toughest commercial and industrial waste. Because of their design, wear and down time are minimized compared to synchronous running shredders and costs are significantly reduced. Learn more about…

Bulky Waste Shredding at High Speed with HAAS Tyron Shredder

The HAAS machine shreds the bulky waste material in the forward and reverse rotations, ensuring maximum throughput at all times and preventing jams. Learn more about HAAS at  

Shredding Tires with the HAAS Tyron 2500 Shredder

The HAAS Tyron's intelligent two-shaft shredding system sets it apart from other industrial waste shredders to dispose of the toughest materials, like tires. Find out more at  

HAAS Shredders for Wood Waste

See a HAAS shredder from Van Dyk quickly shred wood waste from C&D streams. Find out more at

Construction and Demolition Waste Sorting System

This C&D system uses screens, density separators, and optical sorters to sort wood, stones, metals, and other construction and demolition materials.

VDRS SMIMO Depackager

Smicon’s depackaging machines separate food waste from its packaging, turning old supermarket and restaurant waste into an organic flow perfect for fuel and energy production.

HAAS Shredders for Wood and Mixed C&D Waste

HAAS Tyron shredders for shredding wood and mixed waste from C&D (construction & demolition) streams. Find out more about HAAS shredders here.

HAAS Tyron Industrial Waste Shredder Shredding Green Waste

HAAS Shredders can shred a large variety of MSW and C&D waste materials. Here it is shown shredding green waste. Find out more at

HAAS TYRON Shredder – Aluminum Shredding

HAAS Shredders can shred aluminum in a large variety of MSW and C&D waste materials. Find out more at

Bollegraaf HBC-140 Baler at Yes Recycling, Newark, NJ

A customer testimonial on the baler that's second to none! Yes Recycling in Newark, NJ, has been operating their Bollegraaf HBC-140 since 2019.

Single Ram Baler

The Bollegraaf HBC120S single ram baler compresses material into even bales. Bollegraaf balers use a pre-press flap (rather than shearing the material with a blade) to create a perfectly square bale.