HAAS Shredders for Wood Waste

See a HAAS shredder from Van Dyk quickly shred wood waste from C&D streams. Find out more at

Construction and Demolition Waste Sorting System

This C&D system uses screens, density separators, and optical sorters to sort wood, stones, metals, and other construction and demolition materials.

VDRS SMIMO Depackager

Smicon’s depackaging machines separate food waste from its packaging, turning old supermarket and restaurant waste into an organic flow perfect for fuel and energy production.

HAAS Shredders for Wood and Mixed C&D Waste

HAAS Tyron shredders for shredding wood and mixed waste from C&D (construction & demolition) streams. Find out more about HAAS shredders here.

HAAS Tyron Industrial Waste Shredder Shredding Green Waste

HAAS Shredders can shred a large variety of MSW and C&D waste materials. Here it is shown shredding green waste. Find out more at

HAAS TYRON Shredder – Aluminum Shredding

HAAS Shredders can shred a large variety of MSW and C&D waste materials. Find out more at

Bollegraaf HBC-140 Baler at Yes Recycling, Newark, NJ

A customer testimonial on the baler that's second to none! Yes Recycling in Newark, NJ, has been operating their Bollegraaf HBC-140 since 2019.

Single Ram Baler

The Bollegraaf HBC120S single ram baler compresses material into even bales. Bollegraaf balers use a pre-press flap (rather than shearing the material with a blade) to create a perfectly square bale.

Sizing Screen

A non-wrapping screen to separate smaller materials by size.

Elliptical Screen

The elliptical screen performs final cleanup of the container fraction by removing any remaining 2D material and the last bit of fines.

OCC (Cardboard) Screen

The OCC screen removes large pieces of cardboard from the incoming material.

Container Line (featuring Optical Sorting)

A series of optical sorters removes PET, HDPE, and PP plastics.

Drumfeeder (Tipping Floor)

The Drumfeeder distributes material onto an incline conveyor to feed the system an even flow.

Eddy Current

Electron fields repel non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum cans).

Fiber Line

Optical sorting on fiber gives flexibility in creating multiple paper grades. DeftAir assists by preventing paper from floating.


Rotating magnet to remove ferrous metals (such as tin cans).

Non-Wrapping 440 Screen

Our non-wrapping screen is specially designed to resist the common wrapping of plastic film bags.