VAN DYK Technology & Material Test Center

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Why a Test Center?

This Test Center is our commitment to our customers and the environment. We know how important it is to continually research the sortability of materials and improve our collective process of achieving purity of recyclable grades. The Test Center allows our customers to experiment with new equipment and conceive of how to reach and improve their operating goals. It can also help educate and guide sustainability initiatives toward a greener solution or help those in the municipal sector familiarize themselves with how a sorting system works.

Who Is It For?

The Test Center is for anyone who needs to see the innerworkings of a Material Recovery Facility and how certain equipment can influence operations.

  • A MRF Operator may want to conduct tests on how to improve certain commodity purity levels.
  • A Consultant may be conducting research on ideas to develop a new sorting process.
  • A Sustainability Rep may want to test sortability of a new type of consumer packaging.
  • A Municipal Decision Maker may want to study the system to set appropriate goals for their collection programs.

How Does It Work?

Schedule your test by calling us at 203-967-1100 or emailing us at We’ll set a date for you to bring a sample of your material and run it on our continuous loop. We have two different line configurations that feature four different optical sorters, various screens, an elliptical separator, and an air system.

The system sits on an 18,000 square foot floor with an additional 18,000 square foot space for testing material to be stored. We are the largest material test center in the recycling industry and fully capable of replicating in-plant operations.