Remote Testing Helps MRFs Safely Plan System Improvements

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions Material Test Center

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions has implemented remote testing at their Technology & Testing Center in Norwalk, CT to comply with social-distancing recommendations. With airline travel becoming less desirable for most, Van Dyk offers a way for customers to do research on potential purchases without putting themselves at risk. These tests can be particularly useful during these times when equipment upgrades may be under more scrutiny. The “try before you buy” nature of these tests can help determine what upgrades will accomplish the desired result before committing to the investment.

Tests include a thorough run-through on Van Dyk’s fully operational sort line, which features screens such as an elliptical (ballistic separator) and multiple optical sorters for NIR-spectrum testing. Customers will send in a sample of their material stream and receive a comprehensive report on the test results, along with video recordings of the material trial runs. Testing research can help customers prepare their operations for an uncertain future.

Van Dyk’s test center is the largest recycling material test center in the world. To schedule your test, contact Van Dyk Recycling Solutions at 203-967-1100 or [email protected].