Multi-MRF™ Systems

Process multiple waste streams on a single line.

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A Bollegraaf sorting system can efficiently process multiple waste streams over a single processing line. Innovative technology allows the same line to switch between different waste streams, including dirty commercial waste, multi-family, MSW, C&D, and residential single stream.

Our key technologies:

  • TOMRA sensor based sorting maximizes recovery and product purity.
  • Walair density separation delivers increased system capacity and flexibility.
  • 3-D trommel screens lead the industry in system uptime rates.

Waste streams include:

  • Dirty commercial
  • Multi-family
  • MSW
  • Mixed waste
  • C&D
  • Residential single stream


  • High capacity
  • High recovery
  • Minimal manual labor

This flexible multi-material system blends conventional low-maintenance technology with highly automated machinery capable of processing almost any type of incoming material. A Multi-MRF will increase throughput and replace any existing manual sorting operations. More automation allows processing of higher volumes of materials without increasing labor costs.