Expert Tips

Brian Schellati
The Merits of Staying Dry in Waste-to-Energy Processes
by Brian Schellati  Moisture can be an enemy of many recycling and waste-to-energy (WTE) processes. When that moisture lingers until it is time to consume the materials that have been diverted from the landfill for the specific purpose of either producing energy or manufacturing a new product, the results are …read >>

Pieter Eenkema van Dijk
Recovering Sorted Office Pack
by Pieter Eenkema van Dijk  If you are a traditional paper recycler that, over the years, has evolved into a residential single stream recycler, this article is for you. You probably recognize that the following trends in your community are playing a significant role in the changing of the incoming material stream …read >>

Peter Bond, VDRS
Fiber Cleanup Devices for Single Stream Sorting
by Pete Bond  With any single stream sorting system, there is a balance of several factors that all operators try to reach. How do you satisfy fiber quality requirements, make throughput requirements, and reduce sorting labor while minimizing the amount of fiber getting to your container lines? …read >>

Chris Bova
A Degree in Maintenance for Bollegraaf Balers and TITECH Optical Sorters
by Chris Bova  Recognizing that proper training is an important aspect to the operation of recycling machinery Van Dyk Recycling Solutions, through its Van Dyk University, presently offers training workshops for Bollegraaf balers and TITECH optical sorting equipment. Our vision is to teach our customers how to maintain their equipment.
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Adam Lovewell
Five Questions About MRF Sorting Systems
by Adam Lovewell, Process Engineer, VDRS  From increasing uptime to improving fiber quality to usage of robots, here are insightful answers to five top questions that MRF operators have today. …read PDF >>

Alex Wolf
How to Take Your Optical Sorter to Peak Performance
by Alex Wolf  My name is Alex Wolf and I am the North American sales engineer for TOMRA Sorting Solutions. My company supplies TITECH optical sorters to the North American recycling industry through our partnership with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions. TITECH is the world leader in sensor-based sorting in recycling, food, and mining industries. Anything that can be recycled, TITECH is working on solutions to sort it …read >>

Chris Bova
A Little Preventive Maintenance Leads to Long-Lasting Benefits
by Chris Bova  Our preventive maintenance inspection (PMI) is a yearly program that services our customers and their Bollegraaf, Lubo, and TITECH machinery. It is designed to detect and prevent potential problems before they occur to keep our customers’ downtime to a minimum …read >>

John Ruekert - VDRS
Maximizing Baler Performance
by John Ruekert  To the casual observer, a baler seems like a pretty simple device. Material goes in one end, and bales come out the other end. In reality, a baler is a sophisticated collection of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems working in harmony to optimize productivity. Whenever this harmony is disrupted, efficiency, production and performance (and your bottom line) are compromised…read >>