Van Dyk Recycling Solutions Introduces Günther SPLITTER® Screen to Its Line of MRF Equipment

Feb. 2, 2022 – Van Dyk Recycling Solutions welcomes their newest equipment partner Günther to continue supplying world-class recycling solutions to the North American market. The German manufacturer specializes in screening technology and is the original designer and producer of the spiral shaft screen technology. Günther patented their SPLITTER® screen in 2004.

The SPLITTER® screen is a primary separation device for sizing materials at the front end of MRF systems. The screen is highly customizable in size and application and operates effectively at high capacities. Its open-ended design is non-wrapping, self-cleaning and very low maintenance.

For more information on this new technology, contact Van Dyk Recycling solutions at 203-967-1100 or at [email protected].