MSW Processing

Let’s make the most out of waste.

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VAN DYK Recycling Solutions has the experience and proven ability to design and install high capacity sorting systems that utilize the most advanced automated equipment to recover any recycling commodity found in MSW. We have begun building North America’s most advanced automated multi stream (MSW, CSS, RSS) processing system in Santa Barbara, CA. The system should be operational in late 2020.

We can help you too. Here are a few questions to get started.

What kind of waste stream do you want to process?

Mixed waste processing from households (also known as MSW or household waste)?
Commercial mixed loads (commercial waste)?
Dry commercial and industrial material (also known as C&I or dry waste)?

What do you want to recover? What are your end product goals?

Refuse derived fuel (also known as processed engineered fuel)?
Recyclables (PET #1, HDPE #2, PP #5, Aluminum, FE, OCC, mixed paper, office paper)?

We have the experience to understand the unique features of each of these markets and take into consideration the habits of residents, the climate, and your budget. So whether you want to just recover recyclables and/or make a fuel product from MSW, VAN DYK is the right choice for you! Call or email us for a consultation at 203-967-1100 or We work with you to assess your needs and accomplish your goals.

Our point of difference

We focus on fully automated mixed waste systems with NO pre-sort labor and little to no post-sort labor.

Our facilities can:

  • Achieve maximum diversion from your waste stream
  • Handle a variety of incoming material streams: residential MSW, construction and demolition waste, organics, and commercial waste
  • Integrate with multiple conversion technologies: anaerobic digestion, gasification, and pyrolysis
  • Lower processing and labor costs per ton

Our key technologies are:

  • Walair 3-D Trommel for sizing, eliminates jams
  • Walair air drum separators sort material by density
  • TOMRA optical sorters identify plastics, PVC, fiber, wood, metals, glass, and other inerts
  • TOMRA material sensor provides real-time feedback of BTU value, moisture content, chlorides, and more
  • NEW! Densimetric table from Allgaier turns MSW organic fines into sellable compost

See the video below, showing our latest MSW plant currently recovering recyclables, making fuel, and processing organics!

MSW Processing—Mexico’s First MRF

Mexico Leapfrogs the US—MSW processing in Mexico. Grupo CIP, a Mexican-based company, worked with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions to design a system to process MSW, or Municipal Solid Waste. This plant takes household waste and mines the stream for valuables and end products instead of going straight to landfill.