$19 Million in Spare Parts

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We stock over $19 million worth of spare parts in our Norwalk, Connecticut warehouse.

Every part for each piece of equipment is stocked in multiple quantities and can be sent same day or overnight to your location. No other manufacturer can offer this level of service for parts delivery.

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24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.
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Order parts any day, any time through Van Dyk Direct. Orders received before 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday are fulfilled the same day they are received. We will ship parts out on weekends or holidays upon request.

See a video showing the VAN DYK Warehouse Tour and Order Fulfillment Process here.


Some critical parts that we have readily available:


All of our motors are made by SEW, which has four manufacturing plants in the United States. SEW provides engineering centers throughout the United States and a 24-hour emergency program to support their products.


Telemechanique—the manufacturer of all our electronics—has three plants, 25 distribution centers, and more than 450 sales offices in the United States. We stock all of the applicable parts on each machine sold in the U.S. in our Norwalk, Connecticut warehouse.


Our cylinders are made by HUNGER, a German company with a facility in Ohio. HUNGER hydraulics are extremely durable and considered the best in the world (the company was instrumental in developing a solution for NASA following the Challenger incident). Since its components are specially made to fit Bollegraaf balers, both Bollegraaf and VAN DYK Recycling Solutions stock all its parts several times over.


Our conveyors are produced with Renold hole-bolt chains, which are considered the best chains in the world. The conveyor carries the weight on tubular heavy-duty steel carriers that go across the belt at every 8 inches and are attached to the Renold chain. Although the chains are virtually wear-and-tear proof, we stock a large inventory of all of the components used in the conveyors. Further, because Bollegraaf purchases components in large quantities (by the mile), they are able to maintain reasonable prices.

All our conveyors are built in sections. If you ever wish to change your system, they can easily be disassembled, moved, and re-installed in a different configuration.