SMICON Depackaging Machines

360⁰ Screening for more capacity and customization.

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Depackaging machines to separate organic content from its packaging in processing organic food waste. Packaged foods enter the machine, and two streams come out – clean, organic flow free of any packaging scraps; and empty, recyclable packaging free of organic matter.

Packaged food waste can range from tough material like canned food to soft bread. Machines are flexible to suit your system and the material you choose to process. The machines don’t pulverize the packaging material, so it remains relatively intact as the food content is let free.

This robust SMICON machine has full circumference screening panels to handle a higher capacity of material than similar products. SMICON has 4 sections of full circumference screening panels to make setup easy and to provide more customization options.

Food Waste Processing Use Case Examples

Solid Food Waste

From plastic-wrapped bread …

food waste recycling packaged bread

To clean and uncontaminated organic flow …

food waste recycling bread sludge

Liquid Food Waste

From packages of plastic-bottled drinks …

food waste recycling plastic bottled drinks

To empty plastic bottles with no organic content…

food waste recycling empty plastic drink bottles

SMIMO 120 and SMIMO 160 Features

SMIMO 120 drum screen

  • Robust and large inlet section
  • Larger screen surface in the drum sections (see photo above) to maximize throughput capacity.
  • Screens can be customized per section with different sizes depending on product, capacity, and separation quality demands.
  • Option to clean the drum from the outside (spray nozzles). Shaft can be turned manually during maintenance and inspections.

Click for data sheets on the SMIMO 120 and SMIMO 160.

Advantages over Other Brands

  • Higher capacity
  • More customizable screening options per section.
  • No water required for separation
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Robust construction prevents unnecessary failures
  • Robust construction prevents unnecessary failures

Food Waste Applications

  • Pre-consumer, packaged food waste in all forms (except glass containers)
  • Post-consumer, mixed source separated organics (SSO) from restaurants, grocery stores, sports venues, schools, etc.