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TITECH Rebranded to TOMRA

May 2015 - Global sensor-based sorting system manufacturer TOMRA Sorting Recycling is renaming its product…read>> (pdf) (html)

QRS Recycling Enhances Louisville Facility with New Bollegraaf HBC-120MR Baler

QRS Recycling Adds Bollegraaf HBC-120MR Baler to Louisville Facility April 1, 2015 - As part…read>> (pdf) (html)

Van Dyk Debuts Video of Their New North American Parts Distribution Center

Van Dyk Debuts Video of Their New Warehouse JANUARY 2015 ­- VAN DYK Recycling Solutions…read>> (pdf) (html)

Lubo Introduces Line of Economical Sorting Systems for C&D Industry

In response to the needs of the growing C&D recycling market in North America, Lubo…read>> (pdf) (html)

Installing a Bollegraaf HBC 100F Baler Ends Chronic Shutdowns

Alan Josephsen Co. Ends Downtime with Bollegraaf HBC 100F Baler Installation July 2014 - After…read>> (pdf) (html)

Sims Municipal Recycling Celebrates Opening of Bollegraaf Commingled Container Stream in NYC

JULY 2014 – On the evening of June 18, 2014, Sims Metal Management celebrated the…read>> (pdf) (html)

Canada Fibers MRF–Largest in North America–Uses Bollegraaf Equipment from VAN DYK

APRIL/MAY 2014 – When Canada Fibers built North America's largest and most technologically advanced single-stream…read>> (pdf) (html)

SIMS Leverages VAN DYK Technology to Produce Clean Recyclables

The Sunset Park MRF in Brooklyn, N.Y., serves as an anchor for doubling New York…read>> (pdf) (html)

Bollegraaf Single Stream System Started Up at City Carting, Stamford, CT

After careful research, Stamford based City Carting bought a Bollegraaf single stream system from VAN…read>> (pdf) (html)

Five Bollegraaf HBC 120S Balers Sold by VAN DYK Recycling Solutions

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions of Stamford, CT has recently sold five Bollegraaf HBC 120S balers…read>> (pdf) (html)

Murphy Road Recycling Seeks Green Fence Standard with VAN DYK Equipment

USA Hauling & Recycling is currently upgrading their Murphy Road Recycling facility in Bridgeport, CT…read>> (pdf) (html)

October 2013 Newsletter

Our new building in Norwalk, CT October 2013 NEW COMPANY NAME As you might have…read>> (pdf) (html)

Millennium Recycling Sees Big Change with Big Baler from Bollegraaf

Millennium Recycling in Sioux Falls, SD, bought a refurbished Bollegraaf HBC-140 baler from distributor VAN…read>> (pdf) (html)

City Carting Buys Bollegraaf Single Stream System

After careful research, Stamford based City Carting bought a Bollegraaf single stream system from VAN…read>> (pdf) (html)

Westshore Recycling Purchases 10-ft.-Wide Separation Screen from VAN DYK and Lubo

Holland, MI, September 2013 – Sean Steele, owner of Westshore Recycling and Transfer Station in…read>> (pdf) (html)

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions Opens Office in Monterrey, Mexico

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions (the exclusive North American representative of Bollegraaf, Lubo, and TOMRA) opened…read>> (pdf) (html)

TOMRA Launches AUTOSORT 4, Part of New Generation of Advanced Sorters

Launched in 2013, the TOMRA AUTOSORT 4 is an advanced sorter with lower maintenance and…read>> (pdf) (html)

Lubo Introduces Anti Wrapping StarScreen®

The latest invention from Lubo that can: Process at a high throughput (up to 50…read>> (pdf) (html)

Bollegraaf System Installed in Canada Fibers’ New MRF–Largest in North America

July 2013 – With Bollegraaf equipment supplied by VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, Canada Fibers has…read>> (pdf) (html)

Bollegraaf Introduces RoBB–the World’s First Automated QC Sorter

Introducing RoBB – Robotics by Bollegraaf. This fully automated robot is able to pick multiple…read>> (pdf) (html)