Tailored Solutions to Reach Your Goals

Turnkey Design

The design and installation of your custom recycling system typically goes through these steps:

  1. Give us a call or shoot us an email to speak with a sales engineer in your area and discuss the goals of your operation. Our engineer will get a sense of what you are trying to accomplish and schedule a time to visit your facility or site.
  2. The sales engineer starts our design process by visiting your site and identifying input materials and the desired products to be sorted and marketed. We consider all your critical factors, such as your capital costs, manpower needs, commitments to mills that buy your end products, rolling stock needs, maintenance costs, electricity costs, future growth, and so on. In consultation with you, our engineering team proposes an outline. Then together we visit successful systems we have built with similar outlines or principals. You can see how those facilities operate and hear other customers’ experiences of working with Van Dyk.
  3. Our world-class installation team works tirelessly to complete your project on-time and within budget. And our partnership does not end there. We support your team during installation and beyond, with onsite training from our dedicated technicians. Our policy is that we do not leave your site until you are fully comfortable running your operations. And further, we offer lifetime phone support for troubleshooting every piece of equipment we sell

The result is a turnkey solution that is flexible, reliable, and delivers the lowest operating cost per ton.


Want to adopt the latest technology, or improve your existing system to increase throughput and improve end-product quality? We specialize in quick and painless retrofits that have you up and running with little to no production time lost. Contact us for a systems evaluation so we can help you increase your profitability.