Construction & Demolition Recycling

High recovery. High capacity. Minimal manual labor.

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Construction and demolition waste has traditionally been hand-sorted to remove wood and cardboard. At VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, we use state-of-the-art air separation technology and TOMRA sensor based sorting to design high throughput systems (between 30-100 tph) using a limited number of sorters (typically 6-12). Our equipment requires manual sorting of only the very large materials and leaves the rest to automation.

Our construction and demolition (C&D) systems produce clean wood, aggregate, metals, plastics, fiber, and RDF fractions that are ready for market. Air separation technology allows us to provide systems with the industry’s highest performance uptime rate. VAN DYK Recycling Solutions consistently designs systems that deliver the lowest processing cost per hour, which means more profits. We use the following equipment (and more) to maintain material flow and composition consistency, thus maximizing recovery of metals and fines.

  • Bollegraaf vibratory feeder keeps material flow consistent and with a low burden depth to optimize separation.
  • Lubo Trommels and/or StarScreens® remove large fractions for easy commodity recovery on the overs. They further separate material by fraction size and remove fines from the waste stream.
  • Walair Air Density Separation separates material into heavy and light fractions. They do the prep work to facilitate further automated separation and clean separation material by performing dust removal.
  • TOMRA optical sorters eject wood from the waste stream at the end of the line. They eliminate at least two manual sorters and increase throughput and quality.
  • Lubo Waterbath Separator uses buoyancy to separate wood from waste stream and cleans heavy materials.
  • Eddy Currents create a magnetic field to repel metals away from the flow of material.

Improved Sorting of C&D Fines with Lubo’s Anti Wrapping (AWS) Screen

Lubo Introduces Line of Economical Sorting Systems for C&D Industry

In response to the needs of the growing C&D recycling market in North America, we also offer a line of economical sorting systems featuring the patented Anti Wrapping (AWS) Screen. to read more.