Lubo Non-Wrapping 440 ONP Screen

Cleaning screens sucks. But now it doesn’t have to.

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The Non-Wrapping 440 Screen

Lubo’s newest addition is an ONP screen that resists wrapping for an entire shift. Specially designed stars do not become loaded with film or other stringy material and do not let the separation capabilities of the screen become compromised. The 440 screen operates at peak performance throughout your shift and takes a mere ten minutes or less to clean.

We have installed over 25 of these screens for our customers and they are proven to work and increase productivity. Here’s the proof:

Traditional screen after 1 shift

440 screen after running a full shift


4 employees and hours of cleaning

Mere minutes of cleaning!


Small suburban residential single-stream MRF with a capacity of 14tph

With their old screen they were:

  • Processing 10-12 tph
  • With 4 people dedicated to cleaning the top deck during lunch and every break
  • And 4 people dedicated to cleaning it for 1.5 hrs in between shifts
  • Totaling 2.5 hrs of cleaning just for the top deck
  • And within 30 minutes after each cleaning it would be 100% covered in film again!

In mid-2017 they replaced their old top deck ONP screen with a new 440 screen. The new screen is the exact same width (6’7”) and capacity of the old screen. Just a simple screen upgrade, and now they are:

  • Operating at an additional 4 tons/hour (from 12tph to 16tph)
  • With a reduced labor headcount (2 people per shift)
  • And reduced their end of line residue by 1 fewer compactor per shift
  • And increased their recovery of high value PET and Al commodities from the mixed fiber product
  • Which in turn increased their quality of mixed fiber product (due to the decrease in PET and Al carrying over a clogged screen)
  • Now cleaning the screen only takes 10 minutes once a shift by 1 person

If you are spending hours every day cleaning your screens and losing valuable production time—it’s time to upgrade. You won’t experience downtime or lose time and money during the installation. Call us today!