Plastics Recycling

Sort by polymer and color simultaneously.

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TOMRA Sorting near-infrared (NIR) sorting technology makes VAN DYK Recycling Solutions the leader in precision polymer sorting systems. The advanced NIR spectrometry sensor recognizes materials based on their specific and unique spectral properties. With a single TOMRA Sorting optical sorter, we can sort and differentiate between a large variety of plastics including PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET, EPS, ABS, as well as metals.

TOMRA Sorting has also developed a world-class solution, the Autosort flake sorter, which has the unique capability to sort PET flake by material and color simultaneously, providing a milestone in the quality and purity of the PET output.

Based on the ability to scan materials at a higher resolution than any of its competitors, TOMRA Sorting is the world’s leader in sensor based sorting in the plastics industry as well as the recycling and mining industries. TOMRA Sorting is committed to continuing R&D investments in order to maintain their leadership in the industry.

At VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, in addition to optical sorters, we can supply a complete turnkey plastics sorting system including grinders, screens, conveyors, and balers to meet your plastics recycling needs.