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Intro - Van Dyk Recycling Solutions 2023 major projects
Van Dyk in 2023: Major Projects and Expansions

A closer look at the major projects and expansions in Van Dyk's 2023 portfolio [caption… read>> (html)

Van Dyk in 2022
Van Dyk in 2022: From New Designs to Startups

Catch up on some of the biggest news from Van Dyk in 2022   Startups:… read>> (html)

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions westside_primary
Delivering the Best Solutions to the Customer

Van Dyk presents the newest technologies for cost-efficient recycling [caption id="attachment_14791" align="aligncenter" width="720"] WM 40-tph… read>> (html)

freepoint eco-systems Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
Freepoint Eco-Systems Works with Van Dyk to Open Advanced Plastic Recycling Facility in U.S.

Norwalk, CT, May 6, 2022 – Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC ("Freepoint Eco-Systems") is committed to helping… read>> (html)

Gunther Splitter unit Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
Van Dyk Recycling Solutions Introduces Günther SPLITTER® Screen to Its Line of MRF Equipment

Feb. 2, 2022 – Van Dyk Recycling Solutions welcomes their newest equipment partner Günther to… read>> (html)

systems that minimize labor-oct 2021-Van Dyk
Systems that Minimize Labor while Maximizing Throughput, Recovery, and Quality

Read how the newest systems from Van Dyk minimize or eliminate labor while maximizing throughput,… read>> (pdf)

santa barbara ca - renewable energy facility grand opening
Santa Barbara County Unveils Renewable Energy Facility in Grand Opening

July 20, 2021 – Friday, July 16 saw a gathering of county officials, staff, engineers… read>> (html)

Murphy Road Recycling Announces $30 Million State of the Art All American Recycling Facility in Town of Berlin

  Facility designed and supplied by Van Dyk Recycling Solutions of Norwalk, CT Groundbreaking project… read>> (html)

Simple Retrofit at Great Northern Fibers Has Major Impact on OCC and News Recovery

Feb. 21, 2021 - In a bid to recover more value in existing materials, Great… read>> (html)

Why Buy a Bollegraaf Baler?

11 Testimonials from 11 Users   Eleven owners and operators weigh in on their experiences… read>> (html)

Fulcrum BioEnergy
Fulcrum BioEnergy – A First in Turning Trash Into Fuel

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions is pleased to announce that it has completed the installation of… read>> (html)

Resilient Recycling - how MRFs can thrive by adapting to constant change
Resilient Recycling

Find out how MRFs can thrive by adapting to constant change. read>> (pdf)

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions News 2020
New MRF Creates New Opportunities in New Jersey

Presenting the newest technologies for cost-efficient recycling. read>> (pdf)

Remote Testing Helps MRFs Safely Plan System Improvements

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions has implemented remote testing at their Technology & Testing Center in… read>> (html)

Bollegraaf_circular economy
Bollegraaf Circular Economy

Bollegraaf outlines its view of the road to a circular economy, in which recycling and… read>> (pdf)

Van Dyk Vision-AR
Covid-19 Safety Measures Inspire New Approach to Customer Service for MRF Operators

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions has accelerated the rollout of a new product to help their… read>> (html)

2020 Brand Vision Van Dyk
A Partner to Rely On

Van Dyk’s philosophy is to provide exceptional service to their customers—no matter what. read>> (pdf)

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
City of Phoenix Reimagines Recycling Plant to Reach Diversion Goalss

Like many cities, Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding communities were hit hard by China’s 2018… read>> (html)

10 reasons to buy a Bollegraaf recycling baler
10 Reasons to Buy a Bollegraaf Recycling Baler

Ten owners and operators weigh in on their experiences with the HBC series balers from… read>> (pdf)

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
Son of Baling Wire Mogul Joins Van Dyk Recycling Solutions

Van Dyk adds a new member to its inside sales team. Jericho Swimmer, graduate of… read>> (html)