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Van Dyk in 2022
Van Dyk in 2022: From New Designs to Startups

Catch up on some of the biggest news from Van Dyk in 2022   Startups:… read>> (html)

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions westside_primary
Delivering the Best Solutions to the Customer

Van Dyk presents the newest technologies for cost-efficient recycling [caption id="attachment_14791" align="aligncenter" width="720"] WM 40-tph… read>> (html)

freepoint eco-systems Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
Freepoint Eco-Systems Works with Van Dyk to Open Advanced Plastic Recycling Facility in U.S.

Norwalk, CT, May 6, 2022 – Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC ("Freepoint Eco-Systems") is committed to helping… read>> (html)

Gunther Splitter unit Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
Van Dyk Recycling Solutions Introduces Günther SPLITTER® Screen to Its Line of MRF Equipment

Feb. 2, 2022 – Van Dyk Recycling Solutions welcomes their newest equipment partner Günther to… read>> (html)

systems that minimize labor-oct 2021-Van Dyk
Systems that Minimize Labor while Maximizing Throughput, Recovery, and Quality

Read how the newest systems from Van Dyk minimize or eliminate labor while maximizing throughput,… read>> (pdf)

santa barbara ca - renewable energy facility grand opening
Santa Barbara County Unveils Renewable Energy Facility in Grand Opening

July 20, 2021 – Friday, July 16 saw a gathering of county officials, staff, engineers… read>> (html)

Murphy Road Recycling Announces $30 Million State of the Art All American Recycling Facility in Town of Berlin

  Facility designed and supplied by Van Dyk Recycling Solutions of Norwalk, CT Groundbreaking project… read>> (html)

Simple Retrofit at Great Northern Fibers Has Major Impact on OCC and News Recovery

Feb. 21, 2021 - In a bid to recover more value in existing materials, Great… read>> (html)

Why Buy a Bollegraaf Baler?

11 Testimonials from 11 Users   Eleven owners and operators weigh in on their experiences… read>> (html)

Fulcrum BioEnergy
Fulcrum BioEnergy – A First in Turning Trash Into Fuel

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions is pleased to announce that it has completed the installation of… read>> (html)

Resilient Recycling - how MRFs can thrive by adapting to constant change
Resilient Recycling

Find out how MRFs can thrive by adapting to constant change. read>> (pdf)

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions News 2020
New MRF Creates New Opportunities in New Jersey

Presenting the newest technologies for cost-efficient recycling. read>> (pdf)

Remote Testing Helps MRFs Safely Plan System Improvements

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions has implemented remote testing at their Technology & Testing Center in… read>> (html)

Bollegraaf_circular economy
Bollegraaf Circular Economy

Bollegraaf outlines its view of the road to a circular economy, in which recycling and… read>> (pdf)

Van Dyk Vision-AR
Covid-19 Safety Measures Inspire New Approach to Customer Service for MRF Operators

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions has accelerated the rollout of a new product to help their… read>> (html)

2020 Brand Vision Van Dyk
A Partner to Rely On

Van Dyk’s philosophy is to provide exceptional service to their customers—no matter what. read>> (pdf)

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
City of Phoenix Reimagines Recycling Plant to Reach Diversion Goalss

Like many cities, Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding communities were hit hard by China’s 2018… read>> (html)

10 reasons to buy a Bollegraaf recycling baler
10 Reasons to Buy a Bollegraaf Recycling Baler

Ten owners and operators weigh in on their experiences with the HBC series balers from… read>> (pdf)

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
Son of Baling Wire Mogul Joins Van Dyk Recycling Solutions

Van Dyk adds a new member to its inside sales team. Jericho Swimmer, graduate of… read>> (html)

Republic Services plano MRF positive sorting
Van Dyk’s Positive Sorting System Maximizes Mixed Paper Recovery in Republic Services’ Texas MRF

Republic Services' new MRF achieves extremely high recovery of mixed paper, resulting in clean and… read>> (pdf)