VAN DYK’s Non-Wrapping 440 Screen Helps Customers Increase Production and Save Time

Lubo Nonwrapping 440_screen

December 2017 – More and more of VAN DYK’s customers are discovering the advantage of the Non-Wrapping 440 screen. Recent customers to purchase the screen include City Carting, WM Elkridge MD, Diversified Recycling, Waste Connections McKinney TX, FCC Dallas, and Total Recycle (J.P. Mascaro & Sons). 

With busy production schedules, these plants have little time for maintenance. The non-wrapping screens can all but eliminate cleaning time, with customers reporting cleaning times of just ten minutes per shift. With so little maintenance needed, each production shift can gain as much as 90 minutes. They are also much safer to clean. Workers do not have to lay on the screen for hours and risk cuts and other injuries.

Because the screen does not clog with film and also produces more agitation than traditional starscreens, it is able to maintain peak ability throughout an entire shift and drastically outperform traditional screens. Customers will see a vast improvement in the quality of their paper and container streams. Additionally, the screen’s stars will suffer less wear and tear and owners will spend less money on replacement stars. 

The Non-Wrapping 440 Screen can be retrofit into any system. To learn more about its benefits, contact VAN DYK at 203-967-1100 or [email protected].