A Degree in Maintenance for Bollegraaf Balers and TITECH Optical Sorters

Chris Bovaby Chris Bova
Van Dyk Recycling Solutions recognizes that proper training is an important aspect to the operation of recycling machinery. Our vision in developing Van Dyk University was to teach our customers how to maintain their equipment.
Van Dyk University presently offers training workshops for Bollegraaf balers and TITECH optical sorting equipment. These classes run for three days and teach proper operation of the equipment, preventive maintenance procedures and basic troubleshooting as well as reviewing all aspects of the machines electrically, mechanically and hydraulically.
Safety is the first topic covered at Van Dyk University. We stress the importance of lockout/tagout procedures, how to properly control all energy sources and the regular review of safety devices to verify proper function. Once customers have completed training they understand how all the safety circuits work and how to troubleshoot and resolve a safety issue. Customers who have attended Van Dyk University have reported to us they are now more adept at recognizing issues that went overlooked prior to training. They see how the preventive maintenance training pays off by identifying issues before they result in unplanned downtime.
One customer recognized during their first preventive maintenance following their training that the brass wear plates above the ram were worn out. They learned in training that this leads to increased wear on the baler floor and ram components. Another customer related to us they identified a proximity switch that was misadjusted. This was causing a delay in each tying cycle on the baler. This is a simple fix that would have required a service visit to identify and correct prior to training. These are two good examples of how this training pays off in the long run for our customers.
These success stories point to a critical part of Van Dyk University training: not just to increase maintenance personnel’s knowledge of Bollegraaf balers and TITECH sorters, but also to improve their communication with the Van Dyk service department when troubleshooting over the phone.
Van Dyk University is also a great solution to maintaining training continuity. If a MRF experiences employee turnover, our sessions can educate new employees on their facility’s critical pieces of equipment to make the transition as smooth as possible. Workshop schedules are posted online at https://vdrs.com/classroom-training/. Customers can also contact us to schedule private classes.
If you have any additional questions about Van Dyk University or want to inquire about available workshops, you can contact us at (203) 967-1100 or at [email protected].