Sizing Screen

A non-wrapping screen to separate smaller materials by size.

Elliptical Screen

The elliptical screen performs final cleanup of the container fraction by removing any remaining 2D material and the last bit of fines.

OCC (Cardboard) Screen

The OCC screen removes large pieces of cardboard from the incoming material.

Container Line (featuring Optical Sorting)

A series of optical sorters removes PET, HDPE, and PP plastics.

Drumfeeder (Tipping Floor)

The Drumfeeder distributes material onto an incline conveyor to feed the system an even flow.

Eddy Current

Electron fields repel non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum cans).

Fiber Line

Optical sorting on fiber gives flexibility in creating multiple paper grades. DeftAir assists by preventing paper from floating.


Rotating magnet to remove ferrous metals (such as tin cans).

Non-Wrapping 440 Screen

Our non-wrapping screen is specially designed to resist the common wrapping of plastic film bags.

Robotic Recycling Sorter RoBB AQC Sorting Plastic

RoBB AQC sorts plastic bottles on a conveyor belt. See the RoBB AQC robotic recycling sorting machine from VDRS sorting plastic bottles. Made by Bollegraff, this robotic sorter can sort by different colors of plastics and remove a wide range…

Compost Cleaning With an Allgaier Densimetric Table

Allgaier densimetric table cleans dirty commpost. See how dirty compost is screened and then cleaned with a densimetric table from Allgaier. The densimetric table removes most contaminants and specifically targets glass, stone, metal, and hard plastics and plastic stickers (often…

E-scrap Recycling Processing with TOMRA Optical Sorter at Premier Surplus, Dawsonville, Ga.

TOMRA optical sorter at e-scrap recycling facility in Georgia proves to be versatile and effective. The vice president of Premier Surplus Inc., the leader in electronic and computer recycling in Georgia, USA, talks about the versatility and effectiveness of the…

E-Waste Processing – TOMRA Autosort Optical Sorter Finder Mode

TOMRA Autosort optical sorter separating e-scrap using finder mode. For electronic waste and e-scrap processing, the TOMRA Autosort optical sorter's Finder Mode uses sensors and air ejection technology to separate metals from non-metals, and give you cleaner fractions. See it…

E-Scrap Sorting with Artificial Intelligence – TOMRA Autosort Optical Sorter

TOMRA Autosort sorting e-scrap using artificial intelligence. The TOMRA AUTOSORT Fines optical sorter, used in electronics recycling or e-scrap processing, utilizes 4 different technologies combined in one unit to improve your electronics recycling end products, whatever they are. The 4…

E-Scrap Processing with Tomra Autosort Fines Optical Sorter

TOMRA Autosort processing e-scrap. The TOMRA AUTOSORT Fines optical sorter, used in electronics recycling or e-scrap processing, accurately finds and sorts precious metal pieces in the 1-2 mm range. It acts as a "Swiss Army Knife" to produce a clean…

Remote Training, Maintenance & Troubleshooting Service for Recycling Equipment – Vision-AR™

Augmented reality-assisted remote service and training. Have an expert at your plant instantly! When you need troubleshooting help ASAP, Van Dyk Vision-AR™ allows our team to see what you see and walk you through the solution, on the spot. Receive…

MSW Waste to Energy Processing – Mexico’s First MRF

Mexico Leapfrogs the US - MSW processing in Mexico. Grupo CIP, a Mexico-based company, worked with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions to design a system to process MSW, or Municipal Solid Waste. This plant takes household waste and mines the stream…