Van Dyk Customers in the News

Recology Recycling Plant Is Focus of Extensive Coverage in New York Times

Recycling professionals from the U.S. and a number of countries regularly visit Recology’s recycling plant in San Francisco, CA, to “pick up tips on how to handle their own mushrooming piles of garbage back home.” Van Dyk designed and installed the plant, which is described in the article as “one of the world’s most advanced recycling plants” and “like a modern art installation.”>>

Recycle Central MRF Sorting Capability Increases 37% to 630 Tons per Day

This 200,000-square-foot MRF, located on Pier 96 in San Francisco and operated by Recology, recently underwent a $11.7 million upgrade. The revamp included new Lubo 440 screens and TOMRA Autosort optical sorters. In addition to the increased throughput, the upgraded sorting technologies allow the facility to adapt to the “evolving ton.”>>

Van Dyk October 2017 Advertorial

Read an example of an MSW processing plant in Mexico, designed and developed by Van Dyk, leapfrogging the U.S. in processing technology. Also: Van Dyk introduces a new way to separate single stream, FCC Group chooses Van Dyk for its new Dallas MRF, Van Dyk operates a large Bollegraaf baler repair facility, and Van Dyk unveils a new 30,000-square-foot materials test center at its Norwalk, Connecticut, USA>>

Van Dyk October 2018 Advertorial

With installations and retrofits, customers are using Van Dyk’s products, including optical sorters and new non-wrapping screens, to thrive in a changing market. Creativity, experience and a customer-first approach are helping Van Dyk Recycling Solutions enjoy continued growth. Also: The technology and materials test center introduced last year expands to 49,000 square feet, and now includes classroom and conference facilities; the Van Dyk Direct online portal transforms the ordering of recycling equipment>>

Waste Connections (Texas) Reports Highest Production Ever with Lubo Screens

Waste Connections in McKinney, Texas, recently installed a new LUBO Non-Wrapping 440 Screen supplied by Van Dyk Recycling Solutions. The installation enabled Waste Connections to drastically cut time to clean decks, increase the number of quality-control sorters, reduce fiber and container cross-contamination and record some of their highest production>>