Our Process

Our Process

Your needs. Your goals. Our solutions.

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VAN DYK Recycling Solutions builds customized recycling systems to meet your needs. We start by visiting your facility and understanding your business, goals, issues, and opportunities.

Then we invite you to tour facilities that we have developed for customers with needs similar to yours. You will get a first-hand look at how the systems perform and are welcome to talk to the customers about their experiences with VAN DYK.

After that, we work as a team to develop a solution utilizing the technology of Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions and TITECH, along with leading manufacturers of specialized recycling equipment. We consider all your critical factors, such as your capital costs, manpower needs, commitments to mills that buy your end products, rolling stock needs, maintenance costs, electricity costs, future growth, and so on.

The result is a turnkey solution that is flexible, reliable, and delivers the lowest operating cost per ton.