Westshore Recycling Purchases 10-ft.-Wide Separation Screen from VAN DYK and Lubo

Lubo screens

Holland, MI, September 2013 – Sean Steele, owner of Westshore Recycling and Transfer Station in Holland, MI, knows how to capitalize on his opportunities. After turnkey equipment supplier VAN DYK Recycling Solutions retrofitted a large‐scale MRF for the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp. (RIRRC), the facility that processes all of the recyclables collected in the state’s residential recycling program, there was used equipment leftover. Steele purchased from that equipment and modified it for his plant’s purposes. Needing a way to mechanically separate his curbside single stream material, Steele then purchased a screen from VAN DYK as well. An innovator not satisfied with a typical solution, he thought ahead and purchased a 10ft wide fiber/container separation screen from VAN DYK and Lubo USA.

With a floor area of only 25,000 sq. ft., Westshore is accomplishing a lot in a small space. They not only run single stream curbside material from several Holland area municipalities over this reconfigured and augmented system, but they also recover recyclables from an MSW stream over the same equipment.

The plant currently processes about 150 tons per day of MSW and single stream combined (and has already doubled its volume of single stream), still on one shift.

“We anticipate we will be able to double again before adding another shift. Ultimately, we would like to run single stream 24/7,” says Kim Buckley, Westshore Operations Manager. “In addition to the increased volume, we have substantially improved the quality of our finished product. The machine is very well engineered and very well built.”

Westshore says they are very happy with VAN DYK’s help in building a progressive system inexpensively.

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