VAN DYK Recycling Solutions Opens Office in Monterrey, Mexico

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions (the exclusive North American representative of Bollegraaf, Lubo, and TOMRA) opened a new office based in Monterrey, Mexico. The office is led by Ricardo Orozco.

VAN DYK Mexico - Ricardo Orozco

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Orozco has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional. Orozco says, “Our overall goal and strategy is to provide all Mexican companies in the waste industry access to cutting-edge and proven technology, reliable solutions, and unparalleled local service, and to improve their productivity, increase their recovery rates and revenues, and minimize any investment risk.”

The Monterrey office has already sold a TOMRA optical sorting solution to a local company. VAN DYK supplied the company’s flake plant with three TOMRA  AUTOSORTs (for PET/HDEP bottles) and one TOMRA flake sorter.

The plant is capable of producing over 2.5 tph of flake. The process begins with the reception of PET/HDEP bales. These bales are fed through a debaling system and then washed to remove residue and labels from the bottles. The clean bottles run through two TOMRA AUTOSORTs, which scan the materials to separate clear bottles from colored bottles.

The TOMRA  AUTOSORT uses the new DUOLINE® scanning technology, which conducts a double scan on every pass. Fast and reliable near-infrared sensors operate at a very high resolution. TOMRA systems can sort by size, color, weight, and shape to achieve increased efficiency and lower labor costs. The TOMRA flake sorter sorts PET flake by material and color simultaneously, improving purity of output.

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions is the exclusive North American representative of Bollegraaf, Lubo, and TOMRA. Respected worldwide for their high performance, uncompromising quality, innovation in design and engineering, R&D strength, and parts and service availability, these manufacturers are true industry leaders. With this machinery, VAN DYK Recycling Solutions builds world-class systems for the recycling and sorting of single stream, commercial waste, construction and demolition debris, plastics, e-waste, municipal solid waste, and much more. Our high-performing solutions enable you to increase your tph throughput, reduce labor and operational costs, produce quality end-products, and increase your profits.

The Monterrey office can be contacted as follows:
Phone: +52-181-8161-7909
Email: [email protected]