Bollegraaf System Installed in Canada Fibers’ New MRF–Largest in North America

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions installs Bollegraaf system in Canada Fibers’ new MRF—the largest in North America

July 2013 – With Bollegraaf equipment supplied by VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, Canada Fibers has built North America’s largest and most technologically advanced single stream MRF in Toronto. This new facility has the highest recovery rate in the industry and is projected to process 350,000 tons per year. Its goal is a 95% recovery rate of all commodities.

With double input lines, bag breaking technology, and multiple StarScreens® with unique new screening technology, Canada Fibers strives for high throughput and the highest possible recovery and purity of output while reducing operational costs. Specialized sorting equipment including 10 TOMRA optical sorting units, 22 vacuum hoods for the very high film content in Toronto’s material, a Lubo PaperMagnet®, 2 PaperSpikes® to sort OCC and boxboard, and glass breaker screens tops the list of cutting-edge machinery from VAN DYK that accomplishes Canada Fibers’ vision.

The official opening was on June 26, 2013, during which The Honourable Jim Bradley, Environment Minister of Ontario, gave a speech preceding the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The facility’s throughput has been measured as high as 90 tons per hour, with TOMRA recovery units at the end of the system making sure that all commodities are being recovered.

A Bollegraaf HBC 140 baler bales the paper grades and a Bollegraaf HBC 120 compacts all containers into homogeneous bales. Their pre-press flap, no-shear design allows less loading cycles and distributes the material evenly, resulting in denser bales.

With our expert system design solutions, VAN DYK helped Canada Fibers install their machinery into a brand new 13,000 m2 building, insulated with fiber from Canada Fibers’ own recycling operation.

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions is North America’s leading designer and system supplier of world-class recycling and recovery technology, and the exclusive distributor of Bollegraaf, Lubo, and TOMRA
machinery. We specialize in providing proven technology in the fields of sizing, sorting, and the recovery and baling of recyclables. Our turnkey service fully equips with design, installation, training, and superior, lifelong support. Technologies in our arsenal include: High-capacity pre-press flap balers, TOMRA sensor based sorters, Lubo PaperMagnets®, ballistic separators, StarScreens® – for any application, density separators, air systems, trommel screens, PaperSpikes®, robotic sorters, shredders, roll cutters, and film recovery systems.