Van Dyk Introduces Revolutionary “Intelligent Separation” Method for Single Stream

Van Dyk Intelligent Separation

July 2017 – We’ve seen it happen before. Changes in culture produce changes in the waste stream, like newspaper volume dwindling and inbound material becoming overloaded with films bags and Amazon boxes. Recycling processors end up undergoing costly retrofits to keep up with the times. But what if you could build a system now that was still relevant in ten years?

That’s what VAN DYK Recycling Solutions has done for San Diego based SANCO. Their new Escondido, CA facility is set to process residential and commercial single stream material from the city of San Diego. The system uses intelligent separation at the front end to eject a super clean paper stream with extremely minimal maintenance and labor costs (just 3 sorters for every ton processed).

What is intelligent separation? It’s a highly-automated method that uses TOMRA optical sorting for the primary separation of paper from containers. Work that is typically done by inclining screens is now performed by TOMRA AUTOSORT units. AUTOSORTs are well-known for their extremely low operating costs and high versatility. Should the system’s inbound material change significantly over the years, AUTOSORTs can be reprogrammed in a matter of minutes to shoot on different materials.

This intelligent separation allows the system an unprecedented degree of flexibility. Primary separation tasks can be adjusted as needed over the years, reducing costly retrofits to the push of a few buttons.

SANCO’s facility opens Friday, June 30th. To learn more about intelligent separation, contact VAN DYK Recycling Solutions at 203-967-1100 or [email protected].