Sims Chooses Bollegraaf for New York City MRF

Sims Metal Management Municipal Recycling has selected VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, the exclusive distributor of Bollegraaf, Lubo, and TOMRA Recycling Equipment, to supply the new processing equipment for New York City’s residential recycling MRF in Brooklyn, NY.

Sims chooses Bollegraaf for New York City MRF

June 2012 – The plant is designed to process over 1,000 tons per day of curbside recyclables and will sort all of the plastics, metal, and aluminum recycled in all five Boroughs of New York City. “We are excited to break ground on what will be the most advanced municipal recycling center in the country,” stated Robert Kelman, President of Commercial & Business Development, Sims Metal Management – North America, at the center’s ground breaking ceremony.

The New York City recycling program faces many unique challenges. Materials arrive in bags and electronic and larger household metals are also collected in the same stream. To meet the challenge, VAN DYK expanded upon their initial pilot plant design and added state-of-the-art technology to remove the bags as well as sort out the metal and e-waste for further recycling.

“The existing Jersey City Pilot Plant utilizes 4 TOMRA optical sorters to sort plastics, but because of the volume of the material in the new facility we have incorporated 16 TOMRA optical sorters to separate plastics, metals, and containers,” stated Pete Bond, Sales Engineer for VAN DYK Recycling Solutions. The TOMRA optical sorters will sort and verify 10 different marketable products for the city, and the MRF’s employees will perform quality control instead of the primary sorting.

The facility is expected to be fully operational in the fall of 2013

The new Sims/NYC facility is located on the 30th Street Pier in the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. New York City has the largest, most ambitious recycling program in the nation. All of the city’s institutions, public schools, and 3 million households receive recycling collection from the New York City Department of Sanitation. All the beverage cartons, bottles, cans, metal, and foil that the department collects for recycling goes to Sims Metal Management Municipal Recycling. Sims uses waterfront facilities to accept, process, and then transport NYC’s recyclables by barge to minimize truck traffic on the city’s busy streets.

Sims Metal Management is investing $44 million to create the new 100,000 square-foot facility, which will include processing, storage buildings, and a Visitor Education Center where school groups and visitors can learn about recycling. The facility will collect Brooklyn’s recyclables with no more than 100 trucks per day, while the remainder of the city’s metal, glass, and plastic recyclables will be delivered to the facility via barge from two existing Sims facilities in the Bronx and Queens. The facility is expected to be fully operational in the fall of 2013.

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