October 2013 Newsletter

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions headquarters Norwalk CTOur new building in Norwalk, CT

October 2013


As you might have noticed, we have started using a new brand name and logo. We now market ourselves as VAN DYK Recycling Solutions (VDRS). This is just for marketing purposes to better represent the breadth of our product line. Our legal entities remain Van Dyk Baler Corp. and Lubo USA, LLC.


Van Dyk has developed several new products for your plant:

  • PaperMagnet®: A highly effective method to remove paper from a commingled container stream. Over 30 paper magnets have been installed in North America.
  • Walair Density Separators: Twelve Walair Density Separators have been installed in C&D, C&I, and waste-to-fuel installations in North America.
  • TOMRA AUTOSORT 4: The new generation of TOMRAs. The AUTOSORT 4 uses only one lamp (with one spare), saving over 70% on energy and reduced light bulb purchases. It also uses better recognition technology, faster valves, and all components are sturdier making the machine even more reliable.
  • AWS (Anti Wrapping Screen): Lubo’s AWS Screen® can process high volumes of garbage or C&D and remove the 2″ minus without any wrapping. The first of its kind is operational in California, removing organics from MSW, and the client tells us he cleans it only once a month! The patented screen deck operates with low energy consumption and a very high throughput. This screen can easily be changed to different screen sizes.
  • The RoBB (Robotics by Bollegraaf): These robotic arms can sort multiple types of recyclables automatically, with just one TOMRA for recognition. It was THE hit of the last Waste Expo.
  • The 330 Paper Screen: A different way of separating single stream, eliminating the maintenance cost and star wear associated with traditional 45 degree angle screens. We have installed seven single stream systems based on this new principle in North America.
  • Less Wrapping Star: Lubo’s new star shape that does not wrap. It is now standard on our French Screen (CS Screen) in a 45 mm width and available in a 60 mm width, splittable and non-splittable.


Van Dyk has installed several successful waste-to-fuel installations throughout North America where municipal solid waste is converted into either a fuel pellet or some other form of fuel. We are working on several more projects in this field, and if you are interested in receiving more information, please contact our Director of Business Development, Brian Schellati, at the Van Dyk head office ([email protected], tel.: (203) 967 1100).


We have installed a Multi Stream MRF at Grand Central Recycling in California. It can process C&I (commercial and industrial waste), MSW, dry waste, C&D (construction and demolition waste) and single stream material all over the same system. Processing multiple material streams over just one system results in tremendous cost savings. Another C&I dry waste system is being installed at Evergreen in Canada.


Three recent 50 tph single stream installations were added to our extensive list of 50 tph plants, bringing the total of these plants by Van Dyk to 13 in North America. The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp. plant started up in 2012, Canada Fibers Toronto started at the end of April 2013, and WMRA Azusa will start up in the fall of 2013. In reality, most of these plants actually operate at an even higher level, with some plants processing 60 – 80 tph on a steady basis.


  • City Carting (Stamford, CT )- Single stream system with four TOMRAs
  • MES (MD) – Large single stream system
  • USA Hauling & Recycling (CT) – OCC sorting system, sorting SOP with one TOMRA
  • WM San Antonio (TX) – Commercial line making SOP; single stream system
  • Homewood/Diversified Recycling (Chicago, IL) – Large expansion of sorting system
  • JRM Recycling “Greenworks” (MA) – Single stream sorting system
  • Emterra (Canada) – Single stream system
  • RDS (VA) – Commercial/residential OCC sorting system
  • Single stream systems to WM locations: Seattle (WA), Spokane (WA), Los Angeles (CA), Winston-Salem (NC), Little Rock (AR), Billerica (MA)
  • Other units sold throughout North America: balers, loose screens, retrofits, and TOMRAs.


One of the most advanced PET processing plants in North America was installed by Van Dyk for Perpetual Recycling in Indiana. It is a Bollegraaf front-end installation with four TOMRA optical sorters and three TOMRA flake sorters for the back-end.


We purchased a 288,000 sq ft building in Norwalk, CT and a TOMRA test facility will be installed on premises in the near future. You will be able to send your material to this test facility and observe firsthand what the TOMRA equipment can do for the processing of your own material. Our spare parts inventory has grown to over 8 million dollars and has already moved to this new facility to better serve you. The facility is also set up for baler retrofits, and our administrative headquarters will move there soon as well.


We are installing the largest commingled container processing plant in the world on a pier in Brooklyn, NY. The equipment consists of a Bollegraaf system with 16 TOMRA optical sorters. It is a partnership between Sims Municipal Recycling and New York City. It will process approximately 1,000 tons of bottles and cans per day.


  • We have added several new service technicians: Kenny Rodrique (CA), Josh Robbins (SC), Travis MacDonald (IN), Bret Christman (CA) and Foster Noel (Ontario, Canada). We now have over 30 service technicians across the USA and Canada to better serve you if the need arises.
  • We now have five project managers with the recent additions of David Lukas and Gus Loquine to our experienced project team.
  • Ryan Cournoyer (English and French speaking) has been added as a sales manager for Canada. Ryan can be reached at (647) 204 0330.
  • Beth Alves and Ginny Marr were added as sales assistants.
  • We have opened a new office in Mexico, managed by Ricardo Orozco ([email protected], tel.: +52 1 (81) 8161 7909). Ricardo has already sold several TOMRA units to different plants in Mexico.


Another x-ray machine was sold, this time to Evergreen Recycling in Canada. The TOMRA x-tract can sort material based on different densities.


Over 30 balers have been sold recently, mostly to private recyclers. The Bollegraaf HBC-120 or 120S is very popular, but several HBC-140’s and HBC-180’s were sold as well.


Older existing balers can now be upgraded to the latest technology, providing smoother operation with less wear and tear (no banging of the flap) and faster channel pressure adjustment, for a low capital investment. For details, contact our service department.


As you might know, our headquarters in Stamford, CT offers our customers lifetime telephone support for machinery problems. We solve 90 – 95% of problems over the phone. With over 30 mechanics and more than 8 million dollars in spare parts, we are able to provide you with the best service in the industry. Just call (203) 967 1100.

– Erik Eenkema van Dijk, Executive Vice President