Diversified Recycling Adds Six New Screens From VAN DYK

Diversified Recycling - screens from Van Dyk

October 2017 – Diversified Recycling of Homewood, IL is set to upgrade their traditional paper screens with four new Non-Wrapping 440 screens from VAN DYK Recycling Solutions. The 440 screen is VAN DYK’s latest offering to drastically reduce film wrapping in starscreens. 

Diversified takes in about 2% film in their stream. Even with a presort station that removes film there is still significant wrapping occurring around their screens. When a screen incurs wrapping, it loses its ability to sort properly. Materials are unable to fall through and are “conveyed” over the screen. The Non-Wrapping 440 screen maintains its screening performance throughout an entire shift, reducing containers in the overs by up to 80% and resulting in higher quality paper and container streams heading to the commingled line. 

Diversified also hopes the new 440 screens will cut down on maintenance and cleaning efforts. Other installations with the 440 screens have reported cleaning and maintenance times per shift plummeting from over an hour per shift to a mere ten minutes. 

They are also replacing their commingled screens with two of VAN DYK’s elliptical separators. With fewer wearable parts, the elliptical will bring down their costs associated with replacement parts. At 3.3 meters (nearly 11 feet) wide, the elliptical screens will be the widest ever installed in the U.S. 

For more information on this installation and its components, contact VAN DYK at 203-967-1100 or [email protected].