City Carting of Stamford Plans Retrofit to Stay Competitive

November 2017 – City Carting has two retrofit projects in the works with CT based Van Dyk Recycling Solutions. The projects are meant to make the facility adaptable andcompetitive in today’s ever-changing market. One aims at cleaning up their glass to make their product more sellable and the other is on paper, which will update their screens to make operations easier and produce a higher quality paper.

They are installing a new glass clean up system that aims to produce clean, sellable glass with less than 5% non-glass residue. Glass contamination is a huge issue among single stream MRF owners. Many different solutions have been tried and failed. Designing a solution that is high performing and consistent has been the challenge, but VAN DYK seems to have risen to the task. City Carting will be the fourth plant in North America to adopt this system (the first three being Greenworks, City of Guelph, and Canada Fibers Ltd.). The key to the system’s success is that the separation (removal of non-glass residue contaminants) is not affected by moisture. Soaking wet material can be removed as easily as dry material. NGR levels can easily reach numbers lower than 5%. The system removes unwanted fine glass and can even recover lost recyclables such as small fiber. This simple operation is easy to retrofit into existing systems, and return on investment can be less than one year. City Carting’s GCU system is expected to be completed in January, 2018.

City Carting’s second retrofit involves VAN DYK’s new anti-wrapping screen technology. They are replacing two ONP screens with two new Non-Wrapping 440 screens. The 440 screen aims to eliminate film wrapping, allowing the screen to maintain its performance in sorting other materials. This results in a higher quality container stream and, as City Carting requires most, a much cleaner paper grade. With tighter quality specs expected of China’s National Sword in 2018, this upgrade will help City Carting produce quality paper without having to reduce throughput. The 440 screen can also reduce cleaning and maintenance time by 90%. Current customers report cleaning times as short as ten minutes per shift. The 440 screens are also easily retrofitted into existing systems. City Carting’s screens are expected to be installed by February, 2018.

For more information on these installations, contact VAN DYK at 203-967-1100 or [email protected].