Installing a Bollegraaf HBC 100F Baler Ends Chronic Shutdowns

Alan Josephsen Co. Ends Downtime with Bollegraaf HBC 100F Baler Installation

21AJ Baler700

July 2014 – After suffering shut downs for many years due to an old two-ram baler, Alan Josephsen, owner of Alan Josephsen Co. Inc., finally decided to upgrade to a Bollegraaf single ram baler. After seeing a Bollegraaf HBC-120 operating in a nearby plant, he bought a fully rebuilt HBC-100F from supplier VAN DYK Recycling Solutions. The HBC-100F was refurbished at VAN DYK’s new equipment facility and show room in Norwalk, CT.

The HBC-100F was installed on June 20, 2014 and baled 187 bales on its first shift. Josephsen says, “We were amazed with the fit and finish and the quality of construction, but the most amazing aspect was watching bale after bale come out of the business end of the baler. To say we are pleased is an understatement.”

The baler processes all the material from Josephsen’s plant (shredded included), with OCC at 18 tph and mixed fiber and high grades at 35 tph. It has drastically reduced baling time, eliminated the downtime caused by the old two ram, eliminated the need for a baler operator, and lowered electrical costs.

“The only problem with the HBC-100,” Josephsen says, “is that it is constantly hungry for more.”

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions is North America’s leading designer and system supplier of world-class recycling and recovery technology, and the exclusive distributor of Bollegraaf, Lubo, and TOMRA machinery. They specialize in proven technology in the fields of sizing, sorting, recovery, and baling of recyclables. Their systems provide solutions for single stream, commercial waste, C&D, MSW, waste-to-energy/fuel, presorted plastics, and e-waste markets. Technologies in their arsenal include high-capacity pre-press flap balers, sensor based sorters, PaperMagnets®, StarScreens®, PaperSpikes®, density separators, air systems, trommel screens, and more. Boasting 2,400 profitable plants, their turnkey service fully equips with design, installation, training, and superior, lifelong support.