Glass Clean-Up with LUBO Vibro-Air Sort

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The Vibro-Air Sort is a smart and compact solution for the separation of fractions based on variations in specific gravity. For example, the Vibro-Air Sort is particularly suited to the removal of paper and film contamination from single stream glass fines.

This glass cleanup system consists of a vibrating conveyor connected to a blast nozzle. Both the angle of the conveyor and force of the air are adjustable for maximum flexibility over a wide range of sorting applications. Processing capacity is dependent upon the fraction to be separated, but will generally be up to 6 tons per hour.

Benefits of the Vibro-Air Sort in comparison with standard large wind shifters are:

  • Due to the compact construction of the Vibro-Air Sort, the system can be swiftly and easily incorporated into both existing and new sorting lines.
  • The low energy consumption of 7.8 kW ensures that energy costs remain very favorable in comparison with the added value of the end product.
  • The system’s variable settings ensure that the fraction which is fed in is separated properly, even in the event of a change in the composition of the material.
  • Low investment outlay.